What Is Stimwave Wireless Pain Relief®?

Physicians have used electrical stimulation as a way to relieve joint pain throughout the body for over 40 years. Traditionally, a battery-powered stimulator is surgically implanted into your body, while wires and electrodes are placed near nerves at your ailing joint or in your spine. Electrical current pulses block the signals those nerves send to your brain, which in effect reduces the pain you feel in your body.

The problem with the old technology is that it was somewhat bulky and had to be surgically implanted. The older systems were also not compatible with MRI machines, which made getting diagnostic tests for other health conditions a problem.

But thanks to the “Freedom Stimulation” system from Stimwave, you can now enjoy Wireless Pain Relief and maintain your normal active lifestyle. This improved technology is only 5% the size of the old machinery, doesn’t require an implanted battery, and can be implanted with a minimally invasive procedure in the superficial tissue of the muscle. Stimwave is also MRI compatible with 1.5T and 3.0T MRI magnets so you are not limited in the type of diagnostic testing your physician may order.

The process is rather straightforward:

  1. A specialist physician at Arthritis Relief & Vascular Centers identifies the location of your greatest pain.
  2. Through a small 2-4mm incision, one or more flexible devices are positioned near the nerve of the painful joint where it can best send the electrical stimulation.
  3. You control the intensity of the stimulation through a transmitter that looks similar to a pager.
  4. A representative of Stimwave programs your transmitter to deliver the best possible stimulation to your pain.

The goal of Stimwave Wireless Pain Relief is to help you feel less pain without slowing you down.